About True Women’s Health™


True Women’s Health™ is a company started by Dr. Diana Bitner with the vision that all women deserve personalized health planning. The planning uses sound medical knowledge and common sense. Each woman’s personal goals and situation is considered. The mission of True is to empower women with knowledge and a plan tailored to her personal goals for aging. True will provide this knowledge through an online community in many different ways. Tools such as guidebooks and workbooks, online support, visual aids, and motivational reminders such as bracelets and charms will be used. A growing database to further guide women and medical providers who care about women’s health will be utilized.

The initial focus of True is women’s health during mid-life and menopause. True helps women 40-55 re-discover and re-commit to their truth and optimize their chances for a healthy future. However, True plans to grow and support women of all ages. The company hopes to be their partner for discovering, developing, and remaining connected to their truth and best health.

The growing team of True includes a diverse group of women and men with passion and expertise in women’s health, communication, business, and online community development. These are exciting times for women’s health! We look forward to becoming a sustainable community which will serve women for many years to come.

About Dr. Diana Bitner

diana_bitnerDiana Bitner MD loves being a doctor who specializes in women’s health. After 15 years of OB/GYN practice, she had too many patients asking questions she could not answer about aging and hormones. She saw how the menopause transition could be a very confusing time for women. Menopause can include unwelcome body changes that could lead to an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and obesity. She wanted to understand what was really happening and develop a practical method to help women make choices to feel their best.

To increase her knowledge, Dr. Bitner became a Certified Menopause Practitioner in the North American Menopause Society. She put the information to good use by starting a menopause group at Spectrum Health Medical Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She put together a process called WAIPointes—Who Am I—to treat menopause symptoms and reduce risk factors for chronic disease. She also began teaching medical students and resident physicians as an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Her goal was to empower women with information and personalized goal setting. She wanted to see her patients reconnect with their dreams and aspirations, using a plan based on a healthy lifestyle with medical treatment options when appropriate and safe. To this end, truewomenshealth.com was developed and serves as a landing pad for women who wish to join a community of women who want authentic answers and navigation tools during mid-life and menopause.