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Midlife and the menopause transition serve as opportunities to chart a course of healthy aging. The most effective treatment to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and unwelcome body changes is to establish a healthy lifestyle. Hot flashes can be used as gifts—sometimes not-so-gentle reminders that it is time to reconnect with personal goals and dreams before it becomes too late to age like you want. I Want to Age Like That! Healthy Aging through Midlife and Menopause by Diana Bitner MD teaches the following:

  • Healthy aging is a choice. Symptoms such as hot flashes and low sex drive, and signs such as belly fat and chin hairs can be used as wake-up calls to get organized and feel better.
  • Hot flashes and night sweats can be improved with simple lifestyle changes such as drinking enough water, eating less sugar, and losing even five pounds.
  • Planning for future health goals are more important than planning for retirement, but how many people think of it that way? Health planning involves goal setting and daily practice. This book provides a “Life Action Plan” to guide you in the process.
  • Sex drive and weight gain do not need to be taboo subjects. Here they are discussed with humor and common sense.

Join other women in celebrating healthy aging, and discover your “that” as you enter into the perfect storm of midlife and menopause, knowing that I Want to Age Like That! will speak to you like a knowledgeable good friend.

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