Published Articles on Mid-life, Menopause, and Women’s Health

‘A light at the end of that tunnel’
May 2018.

Lady Doc: Pay More Attention to Menopause
MedPage Today. November 2017.

Clinical Intervention to Reduce Central Obesity and Menopause Symptoms in Women Aged 35 to 55 years.
Journal of The North American Menopause Society. September 2014.

How to Outsmart a Hotflash.
June 2014.

HRT Risks May Vary by Type of Estrogen Drug.
MedPage. October 2013.

Videos on Women’s Health

FOX 17 Speaks with Dr. Bitner on Hysterectomies
Guest spot on Fox17 Morning Mix. July 2018.

FOX 17 Report on Sex Puzzle Cards
Guest spot on Fox17 News. December 2017.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Family’s Medical History
As seen on Fox17 News. February 2018.